How to exercise safely during lockdown

Foregoing our regular exercise patterns can be a challenge and it can affect our mental health too. Thankfully online exercise programmes have been a saviour for many and Joe Wicks has be responsible for keeping the nation conditioned. But as the days get shorter and nights get longer, there is no better way to lift the mood and your spirit than getting outside in the natural daylight and seeing the autumn leaves, and hearing the crisp autumn leaves beneath your feet. Not only does a good walk help to lift your mood it promotes a better night sleep too. 

The best way to venture outdoors safely is to wear appropriate clothing according to the season, ideally layering clothing is better, good walking shoes for wet winter weather so some form of waterproofing.

If you are anxious about interacting with others, choose the right time of day to walk, earlier or later when you are less likely to encounter more people.

To make walks interesting organise a local route and set yourself goals. Lamp posts are great as markers and over time as your fitness increases, increase your time.  Another way to make walking interesting is to walk at different paces, for example, one minute at an increased pace and two minutes at a slower pace, this will ensure the walk is interesting and fitness focused. If you want to add another element to walking, carry a light weight in each hand and slowly lift them as you walk. If you do not have weights grab a couple of cans from the store cupboard.

Be aware of your surroundings and listen to the noises around you, being in the moment is highly beneficial for our mental health.

Happy Walking!