About us

Sanitise your hands easily

Covid-19 and the Global Pandemic has been the inspiration behind creating Bactiband. With the World Health Organisation, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and doctors worldwide, claiming that the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and hand washing with soap is an effective precautions observed against the virus.

Bactiband is a multipurpose wrist wearable band making it easier and accessible to sanitise whilst out and about and on the move. It is a simple concept Fill It Wear It Use It, to protect yourself and others around you. Bactiband prevents the spread of bacteria and virus and most of all cross- contamination.

Who are we?

The concept for Bactiband was established a few years ago whilst at University and long before Coronavirus so hindsight is a wonderful thing! One of the modules involved creating the next “Bright Idea”, a product or service and developing and launching it and very similarly my team created something not dissimilar to Bactiband.

After founding Bactiband, I looked to hire a product specialist to expand my team. Dominic who has vast experience in taking product ideas to manufacture became the perfect fit. He had already designed a range of products in his 5 year career, many of which are selling globally today through his own company Sapien Designs.

In my spare time, I manage a fitness group and I have established a community walking group to encourage people to Walk and Talk, the group enables people to meet each other and to combat loneliness and isolation, it also promotes the positive benefits of good mental health.

We are excited about the future development of our products so please watch this space.