Bactiband | Multipurpose Wrist Dispenser

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Choose from 17 Different Colours

Product Features

  • Bactiband makes the process of cleaning hands easier and accessible.

  • No more searching in your bag or pocket for a sanitiser bottle. Dispensing up to 15mls of product, liquid or gel sanitiser, liquid soap, hand cream or sunscreen.

  • Comfortable adjustable strap

  • Variety of translucent and solid colours

  • Bactiband is made of food-grade, high-tensile silicone material

  • Bactiband is eco-friendly, non-toxic and will not deform when stretched at will

  • Bactiband is easy to refill and comes with a handy applicator bottle


Diameter - 40mm
Length - 35mm
Weight - 21.5g without liquid

Liquid Volume: 15mls

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Marie Trinkaus
Wouldn't Go Anywhere Without It!

So, I was intrigued by the idea of the Bactiband when I first came across an ad on Instagram about it. I liked the idea, but was a tad doubtful about the ease of use, the fit, and the practicality of having one. I ordered one in late November (the translucent clear color option) and I instantly loved it! Very comfortable, flexible, and adjustable to fit many sizes, easy (and fun!) to fill and use! A wide array of color options, and at such a great price, I had to purchase a handful for my family (who use and love them as much as I do!) I work in the cleaning business, where sanitizing hands often had become not only good sense, but mandatory. Whether at work, school, shopping, at the library, gym... wherever we go, we wear our Bactibands. So grateful for this product! Thank you!

Jenny Taylor

Easy to fill, comfortable to wear, convenient to apply sanitiser hands-free.

Great for running

Love my Bactiband! It's great for running as it's so light and unobtrusive.


Excellent idea and a very handy dispenser. Easy to fill with included clear instructions, simple to wear with different colours to mix and match whatever you’re wearing. A definite must have during these times.

Lesley Shuter
sanitiser on hand

Sadly i have found this incredibilly difficult to use, even though filled with sanitiser, it was not easy a) put on wrise and b) to get the liquid out.